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End of season shutdown; but we really never rest...

On Easter Monday we said goodbye to the last winter guests, and a few hours later we started our end-of-season cleaning. The hotel undergoes a thorough cleaning, so that at the end of May it is ready to welcome the first guests of the summer season.

Now everything is quiet in our hotel: no vacuum cleaners, no voices or laughter from the dining room. The kitchen is also empty. It’s as if during the closing period the whole hotel has fallen into a deep sleep...

... but that is not quite the case, and when listening very carefully one can hear the soft tapping of fingers on a computer keyboard: is the daughter of the hosts, Sonja, who also during the shutdown period is busy taking bookings and meeting the demands and wishes of future guests. She is the one that makes sure that every guest gets the right room. She is the one that makes sure that your requests and wishes at the time of booking are all answered and met. She is always ready to reorganise the allocations of the rooms, so that you get the room of your dreams... that one just on the corner, on the second floor, with the wonderful mountain views.


All wonderful: from the room with the spectacular view of the Meridiana di Sesto (Sesto sundial), to the great cuisine that every evening offered typical South Tyrol dishes. But the real difference was the kindness of the hosts, always ready to meet every one of our needs in each and every detail.

Christmas on the mountain

Christmas on the mountain

from 22.12.2018 to 26.12.2018

The Christmas period is the best time of the year.