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Our herb garden and our opulent flowers: a joy for the eyes and the palate

Although still covered by a thin layer of snow, in just a few weeks our herb garden will once again be an array of colours and scents. Christian, the young host, and our chef Gerd take care of this small oasis during the whole Summer, with great dedication and passion, making sure that as many ingredients used in our kitchen as possible come from our gardens. During this journey of just a few metres from the garden to the pot, our herbs release all their flavours and make our dishes real delicacies.

The herb garden behind our hotel is a real source of flavours for our kitchen. The facade of the hotel is dressed with approximately 100 flower pots that make it a feast for the eyes.

Each single pot is carefully and lovingly cared for by Marlene Gruber, your hotel host with a big heart and a sensitive soul. During the summer months, when flowering is at its best, from their balconies our guests can enjoy an unmatched view of the wonderful Sesto Dolomites framed by an array of colours.


All wonderful: from the room with the spectacular view of the Meridiana di Sesto (Sesto sundial), to the great cuisine that every evening offered typical South Tyrol dishes. But the real difference was the kindness of the hosts, always ready to meet every one of our needs in each and every detail.

Christmas on the mountain

Christmas on the mountain

from 22.12.2018 to 26.12.2018

The Christmas period is the best time of the year.